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All Schengen visa application centers will be closed from 26th to 30th October due to upcoming Biometric process from 02 Nov 2015. 
Kindly inform all concern about the same and plan their travels accordingly

Biometrics process for all Schengen countries
As from 2 November 2015, Indian citizens requesting a Schengen visa will have to appear in person in order to provide biometric data (fingerprints and digital photography). This concerns the applications for the short-term Schengen visas (max. 90 days in 180 days). (Find notice attached)
Important information about the process
·         All applicant will have to schedule appointment with VFS first, submit the application & perform the Biometrics on the date of appointment. Once the submission & Biometrics is done the passport will be dispatched to the registered address mentioned on the covering letter of the company.

·         For subsequent applications within next 5 years the biometric data will be copied from the previous visa application included in the VISA, which means if an applicant receives a visa after 2/11/2015 via Biometrics he will not be required again to undergo Biometrics process for next 5 years.

·         Apart from that, there will be no change in current procedures such as visa fee or forms. However, the applicants should be aware that due to provisions of biometric data, which might cause at the beginning some disruptions, the first visit to their respective Schengen State Consulate after 2 November 2015 might take a little bit longer.

·         Exemptions from the obligation of fingerprinting are provided for the following categories of applicants only:

·         Children under 12, - Persons for whom the collection of fingerprints is physically impossible

·         Sovereigns and other senior members of a royal family, Heads of State and members of the national Governments (with their official delegations and spouses) if they travel for official purposes.

With Immediate Effect Passports which are issued more than 10 years ago, cannot be accepted any more , the pax will have to take a fresh passport.
W.E.F 07th December, 2009, The Consulate requires attach declaration duly sign by passenger as per the passport with every Long stay application. 

Please note without declaration VFS will not accept any Long stay application.
Business : 
Valid passport, One form, Two colour photos 35mm by 45mm white background 80% of the face should be seen, Covering letter, Hotel Confirmation Directly Fax to Belgium Consulate, copy to us Invitation letter should be faxed direct to the consulate from the Belgium counter part and one copy to us, or if Passenger not able to provide Hotel booking kindly mention Belgium guest house address and telephone number in the invitation letter, Income tax papers / Salary slip, Bank Statement of last 6 months, Overseas medical insurance,  Return Air ticket .

Tourist : 
Valid passport, One form, Two photographs( 35*45 mm white background mat finished 80 % face visible ) , Covering letter and , Letter ( If employee ) , Return ticket, Overseas Mediclaim policy, Last 3 Year Income tax Papers , last 3 months  Salary slip ( if working ) Original  Personal Bank Statement for last 6 months( with bank seal and sign ) , Company Registration copy ( if Business)  and Hotel Confirmations. Directly from Belgium one copy to us & one d directly fax to the consulate from Belgium, Day To Day Itinerary.  
Time Taken: 05 Working days
Visa Fee: Rs. 4680/- Cash
 Rs. 14040/- Cash for long stay
VFS Chg: Rs 1330/-

Courier Charges 300/-

Service Charge: Rs 1500/- per application + 18% GST
 Visa Sub. Time : 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM
 Visa Coll. Time: 04.30 PM to 05.30 PM
Visa Fees as not refunded.
 Pls. note if any additional dox req. the consulate inform us on the next working day while collection